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Unstoppable Facebook Traffic

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Learn the most effective Facebook marketing strategies.

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Download this free ebook: Unstoppable Facebook Traffic and learn the most effective Facebook marketing strategies. A lot of online marketers don’t use Facebook for its own sake. Instead, they use this social marketing website as a tool to bring traffic to their own websites, which in turn can result in higher revenue.

Facebook is the leading social media platform with almost 1 Billion users spending hours on the site. When it comes to online marketing through Facebook, having your own profile page isn’t enough if you want to be successful in selling the products and services that you’re offering.

As the biggest website today, Facebook offers a lot of marketing opportunities and benefits that you can take advantage of and even have fun pursuing. Use this eBook for the furtherance of your online activities:

  • Why Facebook?
  • The fan page craze
  • Facebook advertising
  • Go further with Facebook connect
  • Other Facebook marketing strategies
  • BONUS: Exclusive corresponding Udemy course discount inside

It can take time for these strategies to work. Don’t expect that your efforts will pay off overnight. The process of building a good community on Facebook can take time, so exercise patience throughout the process and start today.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents – Unstoppable Facebook Traffic

Chapter 1 – Why Facebook?
 Facebook Is Viral
 Tapping Into The Global Market
 Reaching Their Target Audience Directly
 Finding More Information About Their Target Audience
 Driving Traffic To Their Website

Chapter 2 – The Fan Page Craze
 Everyone Has A Fan Page!
 The Power Of “Like”
 How To Create An Irresistible Fan page
 What To Publish On Your Facebook Fan page

Chapter 3 – Facebook Advertising
 How To Setup Facebook Ads
 Target Your Advertisement
 Create Facebook Compliant Ads
 Tracking The Progress Of Your Facebook Ad Campaign
 When Is The Best Time To Post Ads On Facebook?
 Setting the Maximum Bid
 CPC vs. CPM: Which is Better?

Chapter 4 – Go Further With Facebook Connect
 Add The “Like” Button To Your Site
 Ensure That The “Like” Button Also Enables Comments
 Higher CTR For “Like” Button With Photos
 Put The “Like” Button At The Right Location
 Adding Activity Feed To Your Site
 Allowing Members To Log In To Your Site With Facebook

Chapter 5 – Other Facebook Marketing Strategies
 Create Facebook Groups
 Hosting Facebook Events
 Facebook Marketplace
 Facebook Apps
 Facebook Contest
 Conclusion

As the biggest website today, Facebook offers a lot of marketing opportunities and benefits that you can take advantage of and even have fun pursuing. Download this Unstoppable Facebook Traffic ebook for free now!

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